Belt Fittings

Below are some of the belts and their fittings that we have produced for our customers.

Each one has been made in close cosultation with the client, using their Arms as inspiration.

From modern day buckles to full medieval style belts , there are many ways of adapting the imagery of your Arms to fit.

Various metals can be used , to suit your personal tastes and budgets .

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This belt buckle was made from several layers of aluminium with brass rivets.

It measures 8 by 6 cms. The design for this buckle presented a challenge as the original image was rather an impractical as well as uncomfortable shape.Therefore the angle of the unicorns was altered , the ends of their tails were brought closer and the shape of the scroll was modified.

In consultation with the client we decided to place a monogram in the centre oval.

Thanks to  Princess Karen Cantrell for the commission.

The medieval  style belt shown here was made for an American friend based on his Arms. It is made from brass , copper and leather.

The belt is 4cms. wide. In cases such as this the individual visual elements of  the complete image are seperated in order to fit the allotted space.

A medieval style belt is usually about 6 feet in length , allthough this will vary due to height or girth.It can often require a decorative piece to allow the attachment of two lengths of leather, in this case it is the lion.

With thanks to D.S.Baker.

Another 4cm. medieval style belt, this one was made for the "Chief" of  "The Company of the Raven" , a medieval Re-enactement society based in Caerphilly, Wales.  Covering the 14th and 15th Centuries , drawing on historical sources from Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his family.

As above individual elements have been isolated in order to fit the available space.

Thanks go to Marko "The Chief" Radakovic.

This Hermine belt ( 3cms.) was made whilst living in Brittany, France. We chose the Hermine because it is the Heraldic symbol of Brittany, and a wonderfully decorative motif.

These brass and copper belt fittimgs were made to fit a 4cms. wide belt. The client asked for the theme to be celtic horse and oak trees as well as his Arms.

Thanks to David Halliburton for this commision.

This aluminium buckle was made to fit a 3cms. strap , which was then attached to the cover of a portfolio.